Chairman's Message

Several analysis and reports indicate that the Earth-moving & Construction Equipment Market is one of the most dynamically growing markets worldwide, more so in India. Backed by the Government's keen and consistent focus on developing the country's infrastructure in order to holistically progress, indeed the segment is phenomenally evolving and is deploying the best of machines, technology and manpower to raise its standards to global levels.

At this point of time, I would like to bring to your notice Confederation of Indian Industry's several initiatives for the progress of the industry, noteworthy being Excon Trade Fairs. True to its inception and vision, Excon Trade Fairs continually aim to provide a one of a kind opportunity for the entire industry including manufacturers, assemblers, component suppliers, financiers and after-sales servicers to assess the current status of Indian construction equipment industry and the underlying opportunities and challenges. As a result, today, Excon is been recognized as a leader in the Construction Equipment & Construction Technology Trade fair in South Asia.

On behalf of CII and as the Chairman of Excon, I am extremely pleased to present you Excon 2013, the 7th International Construction Equipment & Construction Technology Trade Fair. Dedicated to the cause, Excon 2013 has been envisioned to be a true trend setter in providing a unique opportunity for construction businesses both large and small sized, to showcase their strengths, analyze their competitors' strengths and weakness, access to advanced technologies & mechanisms, network with both domestic and international companies and scale new heights.

Warm regards

Vipin Sondhi
Chairman, EXCON 2013 & Managing Director & CEO, JCB India Limited
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