Conference 2019

10th December 2019
Excon 2019 - Inaugural Ceremony
Bridge 2019 - Building Regional Infrastructure To Drive Growth of Economics
Women Building India - Equal Opportunity Awards
11th December 2019
Seminar on Artificial Intelligence IOT & Automation
Workshop on Enhancing the Competitiveness of MSMEs in Digital Age - Key Enablers for winning
Conference on "Construction Technology - Way to US $ 5 Trillion Economy" by BAI
Roundtable on Risks on CE Industry
12th December 2019
User Industry CEO's Meet
Seminar on Components
Interactive session on Construction Equipment Industry: Challenges and Opportunities by ICEMA
ICEMA Data Panel
13th December 2019
Conference on Defence and Paramilitary
Seminar on Over Dimensional Cargo
Seminar on Taxation Issues of Construction Equipment Industry
BIM and Digitalization Summit India 2019
Corrosion - CII Corrosion Manager Course
Green Factories & Office Buildings - "An exclusive conference on latest Trends & Technologies"
Session with Mr. Amit Kumar Ghosh, JS MoRTH